When Amy Ayoub, Nevada's premier fundraiser, transitioned her focus from fundraising to training, she searched for a team that was already in place and prepared to handle the fundraising efforts for her extensive clientele and database with integrity after experiencing firsthand the need for this type of fundraising firm in Nevada. Under the leadership of Ronni Council, one of Nevada's top political campaign managers and strategists, the fundraising team at Organized Karma was chosen to take over the fundraising arm of Ayoub & Associates' exclusive clientele and database based on their previous fundraising experience and reputation. While Organized Karma will continue to operate as a campaign firm, all fundraising will now be referred to Alchemy Associates, which will remain a separate entity and provide support to other campaign consultants.


Amy Ayoub

Amy is a life-long Las Vegan with three decades of experience in the business world and is lauded as one of Southern Nevada’s most innovative networkers. For the past ten years, Amy has owned the premier fundraising consulting firm in the state, serving both political campaigns and non-profit organizations. Ayoub brings this fundraising experience, as well as the most extensive fundraising database in the state, to Alchemy Associates. Amy Ayoub has successfully raised funds for the biggest campaigns in the state and carries a reputation for understanding the intricacies of fundraising better than anyone and having relationships with the most prominent business owners, elected officials, and donors throughout Nevada. Amy has transitioned into her new role as lead consultant for Alchemy Associates as she focuses on her dual role as a speaking and motivation coach to her exclusive clientele through her company, Moving People to Action.

Charity Stevens, Vice President

Charity earned her A.A. from Edison College and her B.A. in Liberal Arts from University of West Florida. Upon earning her degree, she worked for the local Chamber of Commerce before working for three years in the Washington D.C. office of Congressman Allen Boyd as Assistant to the Chief of Staff. Charity’s expertise focused on fundraising efforts and administrative duties for the Blue Dog Coalition, which she continued when she joined the team at Organized Karma to head our lobbying and fundraising efforts before moving on to Alchemy Associates as Vice President.

Veronica Ware, Director of Fundraising Operations

Veronica is proud to be graduating this Spring from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a B.A. in Economics. Prior to Directing Fundraising Operations at Alchemy Associates, Veronica served as call time manager for the Rory Reid's 2010 Gubernatorial Campaign. Veronica's experience in economics and accounting, as well as her extraordinary organizational and leadership skills, made her a great asset to the fundraising efforts of the campaign. Her abilities, as well as her passion for community involvement, have made her the perfect addition to the fundraising team at Alchemy Associates.

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